Established in 2015, Tradea Enerji Ltd. carries out import, export and consultancy activities in Production, Delivery and Distribution areas of the Energy Sector.It provides products and services most efficiently in line with the needs of companies according to the characteristics and quality requirements specified.

For us, the most important factors for these processes to achieve success are undoubtedly correct business partnership, working with the suppliers and adopting a limitless customer satisfaction.Our irreplaceable principles are to provide products and services which meet international quality standards, be innovative in solutions we provide and create new added values for our customers by establishing true communications with our customers and suppliers.It is undoubted that giving importance to team work and assessing the risks properly with our professional team enable us to take firm and confident steps in the market.

Management of information security and business sustainability, occupational health and safety, social responsibilities, energy management and environment management are among our values and standards we bring to our company.