NFPA (National Protection Association) is an organization which determines the standards for matters affecting fire and fire security which is obligatory to be applied in the USA.
It is the most referenced, respected and applied standard of the world compared with similar standard organizations of other countries including Turkey.3S Norm series pumps are manufactured in accordance with related standards of NFPA for two important reasons.

NFPA is the standard which is used commonly in the world, especially in pump systems and has the heaviest conditions.

Almost all technological systems in Turkey especially including water fire extinguishing systems such as automatic sprinkler, indoor fire cabinets and outdoor hydrant system are designed in compliance with NFPA standards.As a general rule in terms of integrity, if a system is designed according to a standard, performance properties of products to be used in that system must be in compliance with the same standard.Otherwise, incompliance between the design and product is inevitable.Since 3S NORM series pumps are in compliance with NFPA, they can be used as full-compatible with water fire systems (Automatic Sprinkler, Indoor Fire Cabinet, Outdoor Hydrant, Reflex Force and Foam Systems) designed according to NFPA standards.

What is NFPA 20?

NFPA 20 (Standard for the Installation of Centrifugal Fire Pumps) is the standard of NFPA related with fire pumps and determines properties, performances and mounting rules of fire pumps and pump groups, engine control systems and side members to be used.

NFPA is an organization which issues standards for fire protection, prints and publishes books and magazines, but not an organization which approves and certifies the compliance with NFPA standards.

Properties of Fire Pump

NFPA : is established a standard for both material properties and performance features due to special importance of fire pumps.Compliance of a fire pump with NFPA 20 requires fulfillment of these conditions.When these properties are examined, it is seen that there are substantial differences between general-purpose pumps and fire pumps.Fire pumps are designed to provide maximum reliability and maximum output pressure value during the whole life time.Design criteria in general-purpose pumps is maximum efficiency and economic operation.

Properties of 3S Norm Pump and Fire Group in compliance with NFPA 20

There is a separate control panel for each pump. 

Pressure at no delivery cannot exceed 1.4 fold of nominal value. 

At 1.5 X nominal flow rate, it cannot be less than 0.65 of nominal value. 

Rates in suction pipes are lower than 4.57 m/h. 

Bedding : Should be with ball bearing with at least 5000 hours of lifetime. 

Pump impeller : bronze 

Pump shaft : AISI 316 or AISI 304 

Pump body : GG-25 gray cast iron 

Impermeability : With five-winding soft packing 

Service factor of electric engines (overload factor) should not exceed 1.15. 

Flanges are produced as DIN 2533 - PN 16.